Generate Cosmetic Dental

Patients On Demand


Generate New Patients on Demand.

100% Done-For-You.

Guaranteed Results.

Easy. Effective

We Handle Everything.

So You Can Focus On Patient Care.

We've created an advanced marketing system designed-for-dentists so you can schedule as many new cosmetic patient appointments as you desire. We get you up and running incredibly fast by doing everything for you so you can focus on patient care.


100% Done-For-You

We handle everything for you.

Social Media Ads. Google Search Ads. Google/Apple Map Optimization. SEO. Direct Mail. Email.

We create and implement everything and continuously optimize so you can focus on patient care.

Give Your Practice an Unfair Advantage

There can only be one top dental practice in your market and we want it to be you.

When you become a client, you lock out every other dentist in your market area from having the nation's #1 Dental Marketing System.

It's All About


We are so confident in the results you'll see we guarantee a 100%+ return or we will work for FREE you until you do.

Schedule a call to learn more.

Looks Like You're Gonna Need a Bigger Office.

Somebody Needs to Be #1. It Might As Well Be You.

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Campaign 100% Done-For-You

100% Guaranteed:

Our system identifies the people in your market area with "Purchase Intent" for your services.

We run custom ad campaigns on social media and major websites to create a pipeline of Future Patients for you.

We run complete Google Search AdWords campaigns to keep you on Page 1.

We optimize complete Google & Apple Local Map Search campaigns for you.

We search optimize (SEO) your key search phrases for Google and 80+ secondary listing services.

We automate follow up to maximize qualified Future Patients calling your front desk.

We design all graphic elements and write all ad copy for you in-line with your brand.

We implement and operate your entire multi-channel marketing campaign for you.

We analyze, optimize, and improve all elements on an ongoing basis for you.

We fill your pipeline so you can focus on patient care..

Multi-Channel Social Media

Ad Campaigns

Facebook + Instagram Provide Pinpoint Targeting and Access to 83% of Adults Every Month Who Spend >61 Minutes per Day. The saying is... fish where the fish are.

Page 1 Google Search

Keywords Campaign

95% of All Search Clicks Come From Being on Page 1. If You're Not There, It's as if You Don't Exist. We Keep You on Page 1.

Hyper Local Map Search

Ad Campaign

49% of All Local Search Traffic Clicks Happen on Google and Apple Maps. Here's a Little Secret...

Not Every Business' Map Pin is Shown... but Your's Will.

Omni-Present Web

Ad Campaign

Our System Finds Your Ideal Patients Wherever They Are On the Internet and Delivers Your Dental Practice Ads.

Just Like the Big Brands. You are #1 After All.

Email, Direct Mail, & SMS

Marketing Program

Positive Proactive Outreach via Email, Real Time Direct Mail, and SMS. Multi-Channel Marketing Produces 300% More ROI Than a Single Channel Alone.

Current Patient Retention &

Expansion Program

Maximize Patient Retention and Maximize Revenue with Your Current Patient Roster.

Let's Also Win Back Some Past Patients.

Getting Started is Easy

Schedule a Call with us so we can learn about your practice goals and answer all of your questions.


Schedule a Call

Schedule a call and get your questions answered and receive a walkthrough of our program.

Our promise: This is not a hard sales pitch. It's a simple Q&A to see if we can help and answer your questions.


Receive Invitation

If we are confident that we can guarantee results for your practice, we'll invite you to enroll as a client.

Our program isn't for every dentist which is why you should schedule you call to find out.


Concierge Onboarding

Our launch process is fast and painless. You should plan on giving us 2-3 hours over 2 weeks so we can get you launched.

You tell us how many patients you want or can handle and we go to work.

Generate Patients-On-Demand. Earn More. Work Less.

A Proven System Custom Tailored to Your Unique Practice

  • Dental practices have unique requirements. Our Program is designed specifically to minimize effort and complexity and maximize results for you and your practice.

  • Our program is a system that works for you 24/7 like clockwork.

You are fully protected by our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If, for any reason, 29 minutes or 29 days after you enroll, you decide our program isn't a good fit for your practice, we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Pro Level Marketing System Just for You

We implement an advanced integrated multi-channel marketing system to schedule as many high dollar, high profit patient consults as you can handle.

We make it fast and easy by doing everything for you so you can focus on patient care.

We combine advertising, social media, email and SMS marketing, and organic SEO into a single system focused on finding and scheduling qualified cosmetic dentistry appointments for your practice.

We create and manage custom advertising campaigns for you on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search covering 98% of all web and search traffic.

Advanced geo-targeting enables us to pinpoint your precise market and deliver your message to your future patients.

100%+ ROI Guaranteed

We are so confident in the results you'll see we guarantee you will double your investment in 6 months or we will work for FREE you until you do.

Easy - 100% Done For You

You be the Dentist, we deliver qualified appointments for cosmetic dentistry services. All advertising, creative design, copywriting, technology, and digital marketing expertise are all provided. We even can train and support your staff to maximize their ability to sell high profit services.

Fast - Up & Running in Less than 2 Weeks

Our team can launch your marketing campaign in a matter of days so you can start seeing results and avoid the painful and time consuming process of building everything from scratch.


How quickly can we get started?

Step 1 is to schedule a call with us. If we both agree we can deliver results for your practice you'll be invited to enroll. Our average time to launch after enrollment is 2 weeks.

How much time will I need to invest?

We'll need 2 - 3 hours from you to get your system built and launched. Plan on +/- 3 hours per month ongoing to help us optimize performance and results for your practice.

Do you have long term contracts?

No. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and short initial terms. Longer term agreements are available with discounts for longer commitments. Learn the details on the Initial Evaluation Call.

What is the 100% ROI Guarantee?

If we don't double you investment with us by month 6 we will work for free until we do. Learn about the details on the Initial Evaluation Call.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Our service fee is fixed. You decide how many appointments and patients you would like and we will set your advertising spend accordingly.

I have questions not listed. How can I get answers?

Schedule an Initial Evaluation Call and one of our advisors will understand your goals, walk you through the program, and answer all of them.

Still Have Questions?

Schedule a Q&A Call

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